Postal address

Use our address in your business cards, letterheads and marketing materials.

Collection and management of the mail. Immediate notification via email. Forwarding it according to your instructions.

Subscriber prices for administrative services and use of office or room.

Call attention

This service is designed for those entrepreneurs or professionals who, being already constituted and with their own office (not Aldeser), divert their phone for not being able to attend it on certain occasions or at certain times of the day (in your absence)

Business Domiciliation / Virtual Office

Social and / or fiscal address of your company.

Professional management of prestige in the business area of Alicante.

Collection of telephone messages of all kinds including orders by multilingual staff.

Reception and management of your correspondence, immediate notification by eMail.

Organization of your agenda according to your instructions (arrange visits, transmit messages ...)

Personal attention to your visits according to your instructions. All the information collected in our facilities will be transmitted to the client or to the place they chooses, by the means he wishes (telefax, mail, telephone ...) or be deposited for the client's examination (costs to be borne by the customer)

Subscriber prices for administrative services.

44 hours of office or room a month FREE !, rest of hours at € 10.

Customized phone line.


Processing of documents.

Real estate managment.

Translations before a notary.

Declarations of Finance.

Computer training and development.

Tax, Accounting and Financial Consulting. Labor, commercial contracts, company constitutionss.

IT Consulting: Advice, maintenance and creation of web pages. Computer supplies, positioning.

Sworn translations for all languages.

Presentation of documents before public agencies and others.


your business center

Avda. Maisonnave 33 - portal 3 - piso 3º A (03003) Alicante

Phone: 965 226 997 Email: aldeser@aldeser.com

Personal attention only available during working hours:
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